While playing catch with a gorilla, he saw the ducks floating in the pond and wondered, what do you get when you mix a gorilla with a duck?

-Excerpt from the book A Funny Farm at the Zoo

The Changer: Case of the Stolen Diamond

Written for ages 7 - 12 years old, it is a great supernatural mystery for all ages.  Anna is given a glimpse of the future and it's up to her to make it better...


Besties Forever

The Izzy Series (Book 2)

Written for ages 7 - 10 years old.  Izzy is back and starting a club.  To raise money, they begin walking dogs.  What happens when one goes missing?

There's a Zebra In My Pocket

Have you ever thought you heard someone talking but no one was around? That’s just what happened to Ben on the school playground, only he found the voice… he rescued a tiny zebra the size of a bug just before the grasshopper could pounce on him. Ben hid the zebra in his pocket until he got home. Zander the zebra shares his story, lives in a castle, fight’s the family cat and more.

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