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A Funny Farm at the Zoo for ages 4 - 10 years. Available in print or digitally.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix a gorilla and a duck? How about a tiger and an elephant?  That's just what Scientist Sid wondered when his brother left him in charge of the zoo! Join him as he mixes and matches the zoo animals to see a quackorilla and more. These animals are sure to make you laugh with each turn of the page.

There's a Zebra In My Pocket, a children's picture book for ages 4 - 10 years. 

Have you ever thought you heard someone talking but no one was around? That’s just what happened to Ben on the school playground, only he found the voice… he rescued a tiny zebra the size of a bug just before the grasshopper could pounce on him. Ben hid the zebra in his pocket until he got home. Zander the zebra shares his story, lives in a castle, fight’s the family cat and more.

Boy Trouble in the 1st Grade  for ages 7 - 10 years

Available digitally or as an audio book. ($2.99 or FREE to Amazon Prime Members)

Izzy’s got boy trouble in the first grade. She tries everything to get the new boy in schools attention, but all it has done is turn him bright red and put her at odds with her best friend. Mom offers advice that sounds crazy to Izzy. Will she give it a try? Will it work? Read Boy Trouble for some giggles and see if Mom is as nutty as she sounds...

Besties Forever  for ages 7 - 10 years.  Available digitally.

($2.99 or FREE to Amazon Prime Members)

Izzy's back with more of her friends.  They are starting a Girls Only club.  To raise money for club shirts, they begin a dog walking business.  Find out what happens when one of the dogs gets loose.  How do they handle Animal Control... and the pet's owner?  Plus, you'll get a check list to host the perfect slumber party!

The Changer: Case of the Stolen Diamond is a supernatural mystery for

ages 7 - 12 years.

A young girl, Anna, receives a seemingly ordinary bracelet from her grandmother that shows glimpses of a dim future left in her hands to change.  The power of the bracelet to predict the future and transform the young girl into other beings will keep children on the edge of their seat from page to page.